Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanks Be Unto God

"Oh, precious Lord Jesus Christ, we do adore You with all our hearts. You are Lord of all. We bless You for becoming man so that You might be our next of kin. Being next of kin, we bless You for taking us into marriage union with Yourself and for redeeming us and our inheritance from the captivity into which we were sold. You have paid Your life for us You have ransomed Your people with Your heart's blood. Be, therefore, forever beloved and adored."(Prayer, Charles Spurgeon)

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Terry said...

dearest donna...this is so i write this, i am listening and it fills my heart with joy...donna you are not only my friend, you are my sister twice over..a scarf sister and my own adopted by dad and mom golden are such an important member in our family and we will love you forever.....i guess you are felisol's sister too because a couple of weeks ago on dad golden's birthday, he was talking to her on skype and she told us that she has a mom and dad in heaven and a mom and dad on earth......oh what a reunion it will be for us all, eh?
donna, i was playing silent night for dad golden on you tube the other day and the tears were rolling down his eyes as he exclaimed, "that is the day that jesus was born!"....oh! how soft his heart is getting and your and miss patty's visit did his heart so good...we just could not believe that he came over that day for supper at bettys; and how when you were leaving, he just had to see you....he took those stairs and was ok! are so important to him!...god bless you and he surely will! terry