Saturday, August 29, 2009

Prayers for September

Confess your faults one to another,
and pray one for another,
that ye may be healed.
"The effectual fervent prayer
of a righteous man availeth much.
James 5:16


donna said...

Father God....thank you for walking with me through the many difficult Hope always lies in you though I cry and wail and prefer to give up during those dark hours....thank you Lord for lifting me up to YOU.........

I praise you sweet Lord for the precious birth of baby Olivia Chatten...touch her with your healing hand, give her family the love, courage and strength to see her through the surgies; be with the doctors and nurses and all those who will be influencing and making decisions on her behalf...

for my dear sisters and their families who are in their own trials, comfort and guide them, direct them through your word, wisdom and knowledge...Terry, Diane, Connie, Pat, Trish, Julie, Sara, Keli, Margie, Cathy, Vicki, Char, Deb, Lidj,Felisol, Rebecca,
please our fellowship together, our eyes fixed on You.

In Jesus precious name I pray

Deb said...

Father, we are so blessed. And I am so thankful for Your goodness and faithfulness. Our Majestic King - the Creator and Ruler of the Universe - yet You care about each of our needs. Thank You Lord.

I praise You for this prayer blog - for my sisters who gather here so that we may lift one another's needs to Your throne. Bless each person who reads this - guide and direct their paths - meet their needs.

I agree with Donna's prayer for sweet little Olivia Chatten. Surround her with Your angels and give strength to Julie and Andy as they face many days of hospital time in the months ahead.

I also want to lift up Frances as she was just diagnosed with ALS. Father, You alone know the emotional pain she is experiencing at this time with the knowledge that this disease may very well end her life in the next year. She will leave a husband and two small daughters behind as she moves from this life to eternity with You. At least that is what the doctors are reporting. Father, I ask that You intervene in this situation. You have the power to heal Frances completely. Lord, I am asking for a miracle. May You be glorified in this situation and may all who know Frances know that Your hand is upon her and You are working this situation out for her greater good. Envelope her family, Scott, Rebekah and Sarah in Your arms.
I pray these things in the precious name of Your Son, Jesus.

donna said...

please join me in prayer for Claire..(known as Pilot Mom for some of you)...she has been hospitalized for pancreaitis (sp)
she left this msg on FB...

"symptoms were a lot like a gall bladder attack except i don't have a gall bladder! so then i decided it might be an ulcer...or a partial blockage....i just knew it was painful and extremely uncomfortable!!! "

thank you...

Terry said...

dear donna...i am praying for pilot-mom terry

Trish said...

I just got a phone call... that Ray (young man from our church)who is in Pakistan on a Mission trip. Is very ill...he has been running a temp. and it has now spiked to 105'. There are no hospitals where he and Pastor John where for medical attention of any kind. Please pray that God will heal his body and give him strength to finish this Mission.
Also, pray for his wife Kathy who must be frantic, with him so far away from home.
Thank you all!

Terry said...

dear trish.. it seems like there is so much sadness going on.
i am sorry for this young man.
he is on a mission for the lord and he is sick.
i will pray for ray and for kathy terry

Trish said...

Please pray for my daughter Mandy...she is very ill. Because she works in an Urgent Care facility, they got the swine flu shot last week and withing 2 days she was sick.
Now, she can't even get out of bed.
I do not trust that vaccine...there hasn't been enough studies on scares me. Myself, I would have never taken it...won't take the regular flu shot either.
Sorry, for my ramblings, Thank you for your prayers.

Deb said...

I'm praying for Mandy!

Terry said...

dear donna.. i just heard now that crown of beauty and her country is having another terrible typhoon.
could we all pray for her donna?
i am so thankful for this prayer blog of yours and arlene' terry

dear lord i pray thee now that thou wilt be with crown of beauty, her family and her countrymen at this time of another storm...
i also pray for dear brillo man and debbie and olivia that thou wilt be healing him.
i pray for diane in her illness too, for felisol and her sore hand and for meme who is not going through chemo..
oh lord we are such a needful people but we know that thou hast the time to listen to our prayers and thou hast the power to answer them.
thank you for jesus who died to redeem the name of the lord jesus christ...amen

Trish said...

Please pray for my niece Kristen? She is expecting her first baby...a boy and has pre-toxemia. They have her on complete bed rest...pray that they can wait until Thanksgiving time, then they will take the baby a month early.
Thank you,

Terry said...

dear trish.. praying now for your niece, kristen and your soon to be great-nephew. it is good that her doctor has put her in complete bed terry

Pat said...

I just got an email from MRS. MAC that her daugter was in a car accident this morning. I have no details, but God knows them all.
Lets lift her in prayer together!!

Terry said...

oh no!
i pray for mrs mac's daughter lord.
we don't know the details but you do! please give her what she needs.

Diane said...

Praying for Mrs. Mac's daughter and for Mrs. Mac and the rest of the family.


Trish said...

Dear Lord be with Mrs. Mac's family...touch her daughter. Lord, wrap Your arms around them, I pray, in Jesus Name.

Mrs. Mac said...

Thank you for the prayers on my daughter's behalf. She was rear ended by two cars as she sat at a red light on her way to work this morning. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Drs said she has whiplash and slight concusion. Praising God she was not seriously injured.

Cathy/Mrs. Mac

Terry said...

so happy to hear that she is not in serious condition mrs. mac.
so good that you had that extra hour on an early monday morning to be prepared for this.
the lord surely had his eye on you AND your sweet terry

Deb said...

I'm praying for a complete, quick recovery for your daughter, Mrs. Mac!

Terry said...

could you please pray for betty's son ryan?
he is the most serious in our family with myotonic dystrophy and now the doctor thinks that he needs a pace maker too like his brother, matthew, betty, gail and i.
we will be going to hamilton seven in the morning where he has an appointment to see if he really needs one and if he does, his operation will be at 11:00 a.m.

thank you...your prayers would really be appreciated.
i will update tomorrow as to what the ourcome terry

Terry said...

rachel brought her lap top with her and so i am giving an update on ryan.
he does have to have a pace maker and they are putting it in now.
he might have to stay over night but we are not sure yet!
we would still appreciate your terry

Mrs. Mac said...

Terry ... I've been praying for Ryan and your family this morning. Sorry to read that this condition is common in your family. May God give him comfort and a successful implant of the pacemaker.


Terry said...

dear sisters...we got ryan home about quarter to six.
his operation went so well that they didn't have to admit him.
at 3:30 he started demanding his rights to get out of there but was told that they had to keep him until five...
ha!..he was such a bad boy and so many prayers had gone up for him and he was so well and so grouchy that the nurses booted him out at 4:30....ha!!
thanks for all of your prayers. you know ryan has the disease worst then all of us, having been born with it and yet he so far has had the easiest time with the pacemaker operation..go figure, eh? terry

thank you donna..i got your message..

Terry said...

clair..pilot mom has asked for prayer..

Someone, please post....

Pilot called his dad and I early this morning (2:30 am our time) and asked for prayer. It is something he cannot tell us anything about except to ask us to pray. I know that God knows exactly what the situation is and knows exactly what to do. Would you please pray:
1) that God would be honored and glorified above all things

2) that God would put a hedge of safety and protection around our son.

3) that whatever the situation is, that good would come from it

4) if there has been a flying accident that everyone's life would be spared (I am not saying there has been)

5) if there has been engagement with the enemy then I pray that all our troops returned back to their base of operations safely.

6) and any other request which the Holy Spirit may lay on your heart as a parent of a child, or a sibling of a sibling, etc.

Thank you from the depths of my heart for lifting this up before His mighty throne of grace.


November 5, 2009 7:26 PM

ps... pilot is clair's son who is serving his country...